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Contingency-Based IP Litigation

When Goliath Steals David's Intellectual Property ...

Who is going to be there to protect the intellectual property of a small business or an individual? IP lawsuits are hard fought and can cost millions of dollars. For the inventor, writer or small business, the price of litigation can mean the loss of intellectual property.

We consider the theft or infringement of IP a legal and moral outrage. We are the intellectual property litigation lawyers at the Girardi | Keese law firm.

At our law firm, we are more than outraged about big businesses coopting intellectual property; we have the financial resources and the trial experience to fight back on behalf of our clients. Our IP lawyers take meritorious cases on a contingency basis — no costs to the client unless we win the case.

You do not have to have an enormous bankroll to protect your intellectual property and to prevent unauthorized use; you need a law firm like Girardi | Keese — one of a very few law firms in the country that take IP litigation cases on contingency.

Our IP attorneys are proud that we were able to find justice for a client whose trademark was used by another company. We have faced big corporations in court to demand financial compensation for using our client's patent. When a client's unique designs were used by retailers, we asked for and got fair compensation for copyright infringement. When a tiny, but important medical device component was used without permission, we won a trade secrets case for a small business.

Intellectual property is a valuable asset — often the most valuable asset a business or individual owns. When we hear of a Goliath-sized company taking the intellectual property of a David-sized business or individual, we want to find justice for the small company. Contact us about IP litigation. We represent clients in California and nationally.

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